Here is a summary of my projects on Github. My Github repo home is here:



These are the libraries on hackage which you can use in Haskell projects right now.


Older library to parse and do some typechecking of SQL. Supports mostly postgres dialect with good DML coverage, some DDL and some procedural SQL support.


A parser for SQL currently focused on ANSI SQL2011. Parses most queries, with progress being made on schema/DDL, non-query DML, access control, psm, transaction control.

Eventually plans to support other dialects of SQL also.

Documentation/demo projects


This documentation intends to provide an overview of SQL concepts and jargon. Currently, it contains a nice SQL reading list and HTML renders of the draft SQL Standards' grammar.


This project is an introduction to parsing in Haskell using Parsec. After introducing basic parsing techniques, a simple parser for SQL queries is built and extended. This parser was the basis for the simple-sql-parser project.

Unrealistic project plan